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Joining any new club is always a little daunting, however you will find Berkshire Trail Runners are a very friendly and relaxed group and always welcoming to new members. Membership of the Berkshire Trail Runners is £15 per year, however you may run with us for one month before you are required to join. Please ensure that you complete the registration process on our Run Together page before your first run, as this is required to record your contact details and ensure you have accepted the usual required disclaimers when partaking in a physical activity. 

Membership Rates & Renewals: Our membership year starts 1st April, so that we can keep our membership renewals aligned to a yearly renewal date, we have a pro rata system in place as follows...

  • £15 for those joining from 1st April to 31st Jul

  • £8 for those joining between 1st Aug 1st and 31st Nov

  • £4 for those joining between 1st Dec and 31st Feb

  • £0 for those joining 1st Mar onwards - however full fees of £15 will be due in April

Club Running Shirts and Hoodies:

More details available here



We ask that all runners consider the following points before running with the Berkshire Trail Runners...

1. You certify that you are physically fit to take part in Trail Running and are not aware of ANY medical condition that might endanger your safety.

2. You understand that trail running is not without risk and you therefore accept FULL responsibility for ANY injury, illness or accident however caused to yourself, or to any third party.

If you would like to join the Berkshire Trail Runners please email us using the form below, entering "club membership" in the subject field.

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