BTR 2020 Virtual AGM

AGM – 2nd October at 7:15 pm

As we are finally returning to running normality of sorts we are in a position to look at the year ahead, and therefore required to hold an AGM to ensure the club is run democratically, and in the best wishes of all its members. It is also a time when we need to elect / re-elect members of the committee.

Due to the limiting conditions that Covid-19 presents this will be online via Zoom and links have been sent in an email to all 2020 members. As this is going to be no easy task, may I therefore ask that you all consider the points on the agenda, and forward any other matters you would like to put forward in advance. It is also vital that we secure nominations for the committee, therefore we ask you to consider whether you have the skills and determination to take an active role in the club’s management.

Although you can put yourself forward for any of the committee positions, there are a few roles that are very much open, they are Chair, Secretary, Run Leader Coordinator, Covid-19 officer and Membership admin. Although Vikki has offered to continue as Chair if necessary, we feel that the position should not be a static role but offered to anyone with a fresh vision.

It should be noted that all positions can only be filled by those who has been a paid-up member of the club for at least 1 year.

Committee Positions

Club Chairman – (Club leadership, leading meetings etc) General Secretary (Recording of club minutes and general club communication) Membership Admin – (liaise with new members and arrange memberships) Run Leader rota / run coordinator (managing rota and allocating run leaders) Social Secretary – (current nominee happy to continue) Treasurer – (current nominee happy to continue) Welfare Officer – (current nominee happy to continue) Safety / Covid-19 officer – (oversee run safety and Covid-19 risk) Web and Media admin – (current nominee happy to continue) Run and Talk Coordinator – (TBA)

Nominees should forward their personal nomination to me at (Patrick Kerry) Your nomination will then be put forward at the AGM, and voted upon accordingly.


  • Election of the Committee, to secure Chair and Secretary as a priority.

  • Winter running safety, & crossing the road between Gt Hollands and Swinley, especially on night runs.

  • Continuation of using Gt Hollands as our meeting point, past Covid-19.

  • Keeping runs to publicised distance and to a pace that everyone is comfortable with, with appropriate stops as required, as we have varying ages and abilities within the club.

  • Publication of run leader rota.

  • Feasibility of replacing one of our monthly 10k runs with a 10K in an alternate location (Bramshill etc) whilst still keeping the 5K in place at Swinley. (3rd Sunday of the month?)

  • Covid-19 safety, risk assessment and within our Covid-19 action plan

  • Written COVID-19 action plan, risk assessment and Covid-19 officer

  • Running shirts for new members – Requirement of 20 to place an order.

  • Run leader PPE / first aid

  • Run Leader amended checklist…

- Ensure every runner is registered and checked (track and trace)

- Ensure that everyone is free of all Covid-19 symptoms

- Enquire about any ongoing injuries

- Keep your run within the limits of all runners

- Carry a mobile phone with at least 75% charge

- Covid-19 PPE: Sanitizer, Mask and Gloves

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