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About us

Berkshire Trail Runners has approximately 100 members of all abilities, 5k, 10k, full & half marathoners and even a few ultra runners. Aside from everyone's abilities our runs are always in the region of 5-10 km and always very relaxed and informal.  Our Sunday runs normally see about 15-20 runners split between the 5k and 10k groups, whilst our Friday evening runs may comprise of 5-10 runners. Of course no club would be complete without the social aspect too, we almost always finish of the session with a drink in the forest cafe or at the local pub! 

Finally all your run leaders have all completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course, this not only provides them with the skills and knowledge to keep you safe it also provides the group with a level of protection from England Athletics. However to ensure we can provide and adequate level of cover for our runs we are always looking for more run leaders. If you are interested in becoming one of our run leaders please contact any of the committee for further details.

Patrick Kerry, Web and Media design, Trail Run leader & organizer

Originally from Broadstairs in Kent, I am a seaside boy at heart. I joined British Airways in 1978 as an Aircraft Engineer, but ended up flying worldwide as crew on Boeing 747, 777, and 787's. My love of the outdoors and adventure stems from an Outward Bound course back in the 80's. Since then I have enjoyed many outdoor pursuits including Kayaking, Hiking and Running. From running just a few "k" in the gym to stay fit, I progressed to 5k, 10k and half marathon, completing in Reading, Brighton, Bracknell, Windsor & Henley. 

I was invited to join Berkshire Trail runners i in 2016 at their inception and decided to do the Leadership in Running Fitness course in March 2017. I am now part of the core team leading and planning runs, as well as administering the web site and other media.

Patrick Kerry

Run Leader & Organizer

LiRF (England Athletics)

Founder member

Preferred Distance: 15km
Max Distance: 25km
Run Type: Trail & Road

ParkRun: Yes 150+


Katie & Paul Ackling

Run Leaders
LiRF (England Athletics)

Katie - Preferred Distance: 10 miles
Katie - Max Distance: Marathon
Katie - Run Type: Trail & Challenge

Katie - ParkRun: 100+ (+25 volunteer)

Paul - Preferred Distance: Half Marathon
Paul - Max Distance: Marathon
Paul - Run Type: Trail & Challenge

Paul - ParkRun: 100+ 

Katie and I have been running now for 5 years, we both arrived a little late to running  I started running in 2013 as a way to lose weight and it quickly became a huge part of my life, changing my outlook on fitness in general  , Katie tentatively joined me running two years later and now loves to share her passion inspiring so many new runners . Now with some halves and a Marathon under our belts and we are looking forward to our next challenge that looks decidedly hilly. 

Patrick Laloyaux

Run Leader
LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: 10k
Max Distance: 20k
Run Type: Trail & Mountains

ParkRun: No

Patrick Laloyaux “The freshman” – I joined the Berkshire Trail Runners group last autumn when the temperature started to drop for open water swimming. I have never been an extremely fast runner or a runner than can run dozens of miles without stopping. Attending every single Sunday run through the winter helped me to build stronger stamina. Few months later, I smashed the gruelling 24k Fan Dance over Pen y Fan. The running group is so welcoming and supportive that I have decided to become a Leader in Running Fitness for this Summer. It is time to give back all the energy and good vibes I got from the group.

Vikki Roberts Caiger

Website and RunTogether Admin

Club Kit Coordinator

Run Leader & Coach
LiRF (England Athletics)

CiRF (England Athletics)

Membership Admin

Preferred Distance: 21km
Max Distance: 40 miles
Run Type: Trail & Challenge

ParkRun: 100+ (+25 volunteer)

Since starting to run in 2002 I've discovered I love a challenge and so find myself now to be an ultra runner and ironman triathlete, albeit a slow one! Running in the Forest helps me to relax and I certainly notice the difference it makes to my stamina and strength.

I've been a Coach in Running Fitness since 2017 and a Personal Trainer since 2014 with specialisms in core, suspension (TRX) and circuit training, kettle bells, pre- and post-natal exercise, Boxercise, IIT/Metafit.

Tony Elliott

Club Chair
Run Leader
LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: 10K
Max Distance: 25K
Run Type: Trail 

ParkRun: Yes

I completed about 20 marathons when living in California for 15 years before retiring in Camberley in 2014.  In November 2017, I was challenged by my Californian running buddy Michelle to pace at “Big Foot 200”.  206 brutal miles over Mt St Helens with 5000 feet of climbing every 25 miles.  I joined BTR, walked off 30 pounds and started running every day.  In August 2018, Michelle entered “Big Foot 200” and finished 10/40 (F) in 3 days and 15 hours.  I paced her over 30 miles in 10 hours.


Rochelle encouraged me to be a leader and participate in the club’s New Member’s Program.  Looking forward to challenges, adventures and lots of fun.

Rochelle Bell

Run Leader
LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: 50km
Max Distance: 250km
Run Type: Trail & Ultra

ParkRun: No

I've been running marathons and half marathons for the past 30 years. During this time, I became a sports massage therapist and gained a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Psychology.  I discovered a love for trail running, with my experiences ranging from 50k mountain races through to 250k events including the Marathon Des Sables in 2017.

I joined Berkshire Trail Runners to find like-minded individuals who love to be outside and enjoy the same challenges that I do. The group provides a warm, encouraging, friendly atmosphere which welcomes all who want to give trail running a try. I wanted to give back to a group that provides so much so I decided to become a run leader.

Fiona Joyce

Run Leader
LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: ?
Max Distance: ?
Run Type: Trail 

ParkRun: ?

Dean Roberts Caiger

Run Leader

Safety / Covid-19 officer
LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: xxkm
Max Distance: xxkm
Run Type: Trail 

ParkRun: ?

Darrel Ireland
Run Leader
Run rota coordinator

LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: 15K
Max Distance: 20K

Run Type: Trail 

ParkRun: No

I started running in my mid-twenties to escape the office and build up my fitness levels, but I got hooked, and was soon running in mid-distance events. Over the years I have competed in 10ks, half marathons, an olympic triathlon and other multi-sport events.


I joined BTR 2 years ago, and have been proud to be part of such a great community of athletes, some of which are now good friends.

When I scout out new group runs, my motto is ’TERRAIN AND GAIN’…

This means; expect an interesting run on different types of woodland terrain, and prepare to face some altitude changes.


The group never leaves a man / women behind, so the runs are planned to be inclusive to all ability levels. Look forward to seeing you on a run!


Darrell ‘The Scout’ Ireland

Nick Hatton
Run Leader

LiRF (England Athletics)

Preferred Distance: ?
Max Distance: ?
Run Type: Trail 

ParkRun: ?

The Committee..

Chair – Tony Elliott
Treasurer – Katharine Simpson
Secretary – Vincent Paliczka

Website and RunTogether Admin – Vikki Roberts-Caiger
Social Media coordinator – Hayley Gardiner
Membership Admin – Victoria Christopher
Club kit coordinator - Vikki Roberts-Caiger
Run rota coordinator – Darrell Ireland
Social Secretaries – Victoria Christopher and Hayley Gardiner
Welfare Officer – Annie Thompson
Safety / Covid-19 officer – Dean Roberts-Caiger


Run Leaders Wanted

To provide consistent coverage for our weekly runs we are always looking for run leaders, who can navigate routes through Swinley forest, motivate, coach and ensure that we follow a safe code of conduct. Please enquire if you are interested in completing the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification with England athletics. 

Our Runners...
The individuals that make up The Berkshire Trail Runners are from a variety of backgrounds, ages and abilities, some prefer a gentle 5 km run through the forest whilst others like a more challenging 10 km +. You will find the group very supporting in that they often take breaks to allow everyone to catch up.

We are a friendly bunch who enjoy nothing more than the freedom of great outdoors, free of work pressures, traffic and modern society, often finishing up a run with a coffee in the cafe, or a pint in the "Golden Retriever" pub.

Run Together are part of England Athletics, they provide Berkshire Trail Runners with our run booking infrastructure, run leader training, public liability insurance and the terms and conditions to protect our runners, run leaders and the club. When you sign up for a run you are asked to accept these terms and conditions, if you have not previous read them we recommend that you read these T&C's via the link below.

Please ensure you sign up with Run Together and register for EVERY run using the Book a Run link on this website, or via 

If you have previously booked an run and can no longer make it you can cancel a run at anytime by going to the Run Together web site, click on My RunTogether > My Booked Runs.  

Berkshire Trail Runners Club Constitution 

Berkshire Trail Runners - Since September 2016

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