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RUN LEADERS: Run Leaders with Berkshire Trail Runners are required to attend a Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course with England Athletics (EA), along with the usual criminal records check. This is to ensure we provide safe and consistent run leading, plus the added knowledge that we are covered by liability insurance courtesy of EA. It is their time and commitment that ensures we can provide a full calendar of runs

Leadership in Running Fitness

Run Leader Training Courses / Recruitment (LiRF):

We are always keen to source new run leaders to ensure consistent coverage for our run calendar, and we greatly welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer their time and money in taking the run leader course themselves. However on occasion we may pay for / subsidise the cost of the course according to the clubs needs. If you would like to find out more on becoming a Run Leader details on the "Leadership in Running Fitness course can be found HERE.

Subsidised Run Leader Course Commitment...

  • We ask that you commit yourself to at least 3 runs per month for the first year.

  • You are confident that you can lead / navigate a 5 / 10 km course via memory or suitable tech navigation.

  • Be encouraging and supportive to new / less able runners.

  • Follow the Run Leader guide below, with a strong focus on safety.

    NOTE: If you are unable to commit yourself to at least 3 runs per month for the first year we may ask for all or part of the course fees back. 

Run Leader Guide


  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone (at least 75%)

  • Plan a safe route according to the prevailing conditions (Sat Map here)

  • Consider carrying emergency equip such as a small first aid kit, with wound dressings, bandage and plasters

  • Carry a space blanket or survival bag when temperatures are below 10 C

Run Briefing...

  • Introduce yourself to new runners, and introduce them to the group

  • Check that everyone is fit and healthy to run

  • Check that everyone is suitably equipped for the route and conditions (shoes, clothing, hydration)

  • Ascertain if anyone is running with any minor injuries

  • Count the number of runners

  • Check off all runners via the Run Together Run Leaders App

  • Allocate a tail runner

During the run...

  • Ensure runners stay left whenever required to allow Bikers and Walkers past as necessary

  • Ensure runners stay well spaced (at least 3m apart) on narrow trails, to ensure good advanced visibility of trip hazards

  • Point out hazards and dangers

  • Periodically check that all runners are OK, and comfortable with the distance and pace

  • Encourage faster runners to loop back occasionally, if the group starts to split

Injuries / walk backs...

  • If a runner wants to leave the group and walk back due to a minor injury, they MUST contact the run leader via text or phone on arrival at the Lookout.

  • If their injury or condition is a cause for concern they MUST be escorted back, by someone carrying a mobile phone, who should then contact the Run Leader once safely back.

  • No runner should ever walk or run back ALONE if the temperature is below 10 C especially in windy conditions (wind chill), regardless of the reason for leaving the group.

Post Run...

  • Count the number of runners to check all runners are back

  • Encourage a cool down and stretch session as necessary

  • Invite new members to join us for a post run coffee / drink



First aid...

​A basic knowledge of first aid is always handy in any environment, however it may be especially useful whilst running in an isolated area. Leaders should consider how they would treat: cuts, wounds, sprains, fractures, and incapacitation etc. Both St Johns and the Red Cross provide mobile phone apps to enhance and refresh your knowledge. In serious injuries and incapacitations help can be sought via 999 (ambulance), or via the park ranger call the lookout number on 01344 354400. 


The Lookout Contact Details...


Route Planning aids...

Run Leader Rota...

The Run Leader Rota can be found on the Run Leaders Whats App group and on our forum here.

Please note that Ad Hoc runs organised by members using What's App etc, and organised outside of our normal schedule will not be covered by run leaders or the Run Together system, nor will you be notified of any changes.

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