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BTR Club Running Shirts - 2nd Order

The first batch of our running shirts has now been delivered, and I hope that everyone who has received theirs last night are happy with the new shirts. The colour is now much less fluorescent and more in keeping with the colours of the forest. Since running with mine last night I have already received orders for 3 more, please add your name along with your size below if you would like to be added to the next order, the cost is £29.60 for a T-Shirt or £28.40 for a vest. Once we have a minimum order of 10, I will ask for your payment and then be able process the order. Please note as the shirts are made to order there can be no refund or return, so please check the sizing chart below to ensure a good fit.

Please add your details to our mailing list so that I can contact you later with the payment details. UPDATE: Apologies: I forgot to add £1 per shirt to cover the cost of delivery from the factory to my home, so the T-Shirts should be £30.60 and the Vest £29.40, I hope this is OK

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