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Running Shirts, Bank Account, Smartphone App and Hydration

Berkshire Trail Runners News

Berkshire Trail Runners update:

Running Shirts: I have been in touch with Scimitar to find out our delivery date for our second batch of shirts, unfortunately although the T-Shirts are ready, there has been delay on the release of the Vests. I have asked for the T shirts to be sent separately if there is to be any significant delay on the vests.

Bank Account: Katharine (our treasurer) has been processing all the paperwork for the opening of our bank account, and should be working with the bank this week to setup the account. Once this is done we will be proceeding with requesting membership fees, @ £15 per year as agreed at the AGM. This will allow us to upgrade our web site, which will remove the advertising, allow our address to be properly displayed allowing our site to be easily searchable via Google. We also plan to have the club affiliated.

Hot weather: With the temperatures now in the high 20’s we would ask all runners to carry water on runs over 5k, especially whilst running in the sun. Dehydration can lead to loss of energy, headaches, heat stroke and more.

Have a glass of water about an hour before you run, and keep yourself topped up during the run, don't wait until you become thirsty. It is recommended to consume 800 ml every hour during strenuous exercise taken in little sips every now and then. After the run rehydrate with more water and notice the colour of your wee when you visit the loo, it should not be too yellow, if it is you have become dehydrated and you should consider drinking a little more next time you run.

On longer runs you may consider sports drinks to replenish the lost salts and sugars, however beware that many of the commercial brands are hard to stomach during a run and loaded with sugar, I prefer to use SIS soluble hydration tablets in my water which are virtually calorie free. ( details )

Run Together App: We have been informed of an impending release of the Run Together Smartphone App to make booking runs quicker and easier. It had been promised for a June release, we will advise ASAP when it is.

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