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Running Shirts possible 3rd order

I have had quite a few requests for our running shirts / vests lately. I will be happy to process one final order for the year as long as we meet Scimitars minimum order requirements, which are a minimum of 10 of any item (Shirt or Vest) and more than 5 of the other (Vest / Shirt).  Please add your name and desired item to the comments section below, stating your required needs and quantities.

Male / Female Shirt / Vest Size

Cost: Shirts £29.60 Vest £28.40

Please ensure you carefully size your order according to the chart below as there can be no refunds or changes to the order once placed.  Once we have met the minimum order quantity, I will then place the order and ask for the money. The shirts usually take 6 or more weeks to be produced.

Running Shirts
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