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Club Fees Due by Oct 31

Katharine (our treasurer) has now returned from holiday and given us an update on our club funds / bank account. I am pleased to say that the funds have been accumulating in the account as expected, I would like to pass on my gratitude for all who have paid up so promptly.

However, I would like to offer a gentle reminder for those that have not paid their membership for 2018/2019, please may I ask you make payment by 31st October.

If you have decided that membership is not for you then may I ask you submit a quick email, so that we can delete you from the mailing system, to avoid receiving any further reminder emails.

NEW MEMBERS: For those of you who have just joined the Berkshire Trail Runners we offer a one-month free trial before we ask for your membership, and therefore will only ask for payment before the end of November should you decide to join.

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