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15Km Run & 2 Years on

Just to remind everyone that our new 15Km run on Sunday will set off at 09:00 rather than 09:30 so that it can return to the lookout at a similar time to the shorter run (8km this week).

Rather co-incidentally it is also 2 years since Chris Bentman started this group, with just a few runners on a cold September morning. Although Chris has move on to pastures new, we hope the group still lives up to the easygoing and relaxed running group it was meant to be. Sometimes it seems that bringing Run Together into the mix has complicated things, however as the group grew we had to ensure that proper guidelines and procedures were followed, much as ParkRun follows a strict framework to provide a safe and organised environment for everyone to follow.

It has been been a struggle at times to ensure that the runs continued un-broken over the last year, as it requires at least one run leader for every run, ideally two (thus providing a tail runner). But Hugh and Karen (mostly) have borne this responsibility throughout. However it was glaringly obvious that we needed more leaders, and we are so pleased to say that Patrick L, Victoria C, Vikki R, Paul A & Katie A have now joined the team helping us to provide unbroken cover. Each on of them has had to pay £160 of their own money to complete the course. But we still could do with more run leaders and more help behind the scenes with admin etc to ensure that our club continues to prosper. Vikki R has also stepped up as club coach, providing us with some fantastic articles on stretching and conditioning, and may be offering a few training sessions combined into some of our runs, although we still have to work through the logistics before we can say anything for definite.

If anyone else has any skills or knowledge that they feel may be of use to the group please do not hesitate to offer, we need you!

As Sunday will be our 2 year birthday, feel free to bring some cake or protein bites etc for all to share!

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