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2nd Club Committee meeting.


1.0 OPENING STATEMENT ACTION 1.1 The committee agreed to Hugh taking over the CHAIR from Karen 1.2 Hugh welcomed Paul, Katy and Annie to the committee and said farewell to Victoria who has moved onto pasture new.

1.3 The group agreed the committee responsibilities as per the agenda (see above). 2.0 FINANCE 2.1 Katherine informed the group that the bank account balance was £550.00 as at 12.10.18. There were a few people who had not paid their subscriptions. A reminder email is to be sent out. A cut-off date of Nov 30th was agreed. After this, current members information listed who have not paid will be removed from the data base.

P Kerry Vikki/ P Kerry 2.2 To improve resilience, it was agreed that Patrick Kerry, Communications Officer, would be added as a signatory to the Group’s bank account. Katherine

3.0 UK ATHLETICS AFFILIATION 3.1 A discussion took place around the cost and benefits of full membership of the UK Athletics Affiliation. It was agreed that this would be a benefit to the club as members would receive discounts for events. A cost of £100 for membership was agreed. A target date to join was agreed as 1st January 2019. Hugh to investigate further requirements.

Hugh 3.2 Extra Committee membership was discussed to mirror the UK Athletics Affiliation recommended structure. The following roles were agreed: DBS verifier - Karen Welfare Officer – Annie Membership Secretary – Vikki Coaching Coordinator – Vikki Vikki to have access to the BTR membership data

Vikki 4.0 ROTA AND RUN LEADER AVAILABILITY 4.1 It was essential to keep this up to date ALL 5.0 RECRUITMENT OF NEW RUN LEADERS 5.1 The group to provide suggestions to Hugh as to how BTR might encourage and develop new run leaders. ALL 5.2 It was agreed that a refund of £80 would be paid from the club to those taking a run leader course to help cover the costs of the course. This would be after a satisfactory period of 6 months leading runs with BTR and subject to approval of the committee. Run leaders who have already paid for and undertaken their courses to be offered reimbursement as above when the club has sufficient funds available. 6.0 BTR WEBSITE 6.1 The group agreed to spend £132.00 to cover the cost of upgrading and maintaining the club website for a period of 2 years. This was a preferred financial option to £8 per month. 6.2 Email addresses “by title” to be set up from the web site Patrick K 7.0 RISK ASSESSMENTS 7.1 The group agreed to develop the following risk assessments: • Trail running winter • Trail running summer • Trail running by torch light The risk assessments are to be published on the website

Karen Patrick K 8.0 Social Events 8.1 Patrick L reported all deposits had been received and menu choices needed to be completed online ALL 9.00 Any other business 9.1 T Shirt order: Patrick K reported that the new T shirts are expected to arrive early November. Payments for future orders would now be though the club bank account. 9.2 Auditing of accounts: The group agreed the accounts should be audited once per year in January Paul 10.0 Date of Next Meeting: January 2019 – Exact date and venue to be confirmed


6: The Web Site has now been upgraded to remove the advertising, and fully incorporate our web address into the site. This has led to much better search results on Google and a more professional look overall. For clarification purposes the £132 required to update the site was not inclusive of VAT. The site is now fully paid for, up until October 2020.

8. The deposit for the Christmas meal has now been paid, may I remind all those that have indicated their intention to attend to make your meal choices as soon as possible.

9. The third batch of the running shirts has now been delivered, which we will endeavour to distribute over the next few run meets.

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