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Dear BTR Group Members

Please see below the minutes of our second AGM held at the Look Out yesterday evening.

As the outgoing Chairman can I thank you all for support through the previous couple of years in making this group a very special group of talented, dedicated and fun to be with runners.

Best wishes to you all for the future.



DATE: 1900 hours 17th May 2019 at The Look Out


Phil Mason

Hannah Litten

Vicky Caiger-Roberts


Patrick K

Robin Mills

Paul Ackling.



Kate Ackling

Isabella Stocker

Fiona Joyce

Hugh Smith

Karen Thomas

Louise - Waddington Brown

Katherine Simpson


Patrick L

Charlie Macklin

Nick Hatton

Rochelle Bell

Steve B

Aiden Allan

Ester Sandiford

Tom Wilson Ben Thompson

Remainder of the Group not present

  1. Chairpersons opening Statement

  2. Hugh welcomed everyone to the meeting and then thanked the outgoing committee and all members for their support throughout his tenure as Chairman.

  1. Minutes from the previous AGM held on the Friday 11/05/18

  2. The following members were voted into the following appointments.

  3. Karen Thomas – Chairman (Subsequently changed to Hugh by committee vote)

  4. Pam Baker – Secretary

  5. Patrick Kerry – Communications & Social

  6. Kathryn Simpson – Treasurer

  1. To open a bank account to handle club fee and costs.

  2. To start £15 annual fees for all members to cover club costs. However new members will be given 1-month FOC to decide if the club is right for them.

  3. Upgrade the website to allow greater flexibility, searchability and appearance.

  4. Continue Facebook as an open group to continue to attract new members.

  5. Drop the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) as this is now covered by the “Run Together” sign up process with its inclusive disclaimers. It is vital that all members use our Run Together page before every run. This can be done via our “Book a Run” link on our website.

Passed as read by a unanimous vote

  1. BTR New Committee

  2. Chairman:

  3. Patrick Kerry

  4. Club secretary:

  5. Karen Thomas as an interim Secretary whilst the Chairman sources a permanent post holder.

  6. Treasurer:

  7. Katharine Simpson will remain in post

  8. Communications and Media:

  9. Patrick Kerry will continue to carry out this role until an alternative arises.

  10. Social secretary:

  11. Katy Ackling

  12. DBS Verifier:

  13. Robin Mills

  14. Welfare Officer:

  15. Annie Thompson

  16. Membership Secretary:

  17. Vikki Roberts-Caiger

  18. Coach

  19. Vikki Roberts-Caiger

  20. Run Leader Coordinator:

  21. Robin Mills

  22. Run and Talk Secretary:

  23. Rochelle

All committee members were voted in by a unanimous vote.

  1. Bank Account Update:

  2. A full brief on our accounts was available for all to read.

  3. Our current balance stands at £365.55

  4. English Athletics Affiliation:

  5. English Athletics Affiliation – Hugh gave a brief on how this works and what we get as a group for the affiliation – it costs £100 a year plus an additional £15.00 per member – there are also other prerequisites that will be made of the group.

  6. It was voted that the group did not wish to go down the EA route and would prefer to remain a social running group.

  7. Vikki suggested that we put some information on the trail running association on the website to highlight that if you join the Trail Running Association you will get race discounts and race insurance.

  8. Club Constitution Update:

  9. The Constitution will require to be resigned by the new committee.

  10. The Constitution to be updated to include that the Chairman post should be rotated each year.

  11. Run & Talk Brief:

  12. Fiona Joyce gave a briefing on the Run and Talk scheme which the group would like to adopt which is aimed at encouraging those with mental health issues to run and improve their mental wellbeing.

  13. Isabella and Katie have said they would also be interested in assisting with Run and talk

  14. Run Leaders Update

  15. The Run Leader Rota will now be handed over to Robin to coordinate.

  16. 11 Run Leaders at the moment.

  17. Hugh also requested that the group fund the qualification of two further run leaders this was agreed by the group.

  18. The two run leaders selected for the course were Fiona Joyce and Isabella Stocker.

  19. AOB

  20. Patrick discussed some variations to run location and the possibility of some fun pub to pub runs, he will publish details on this as each event is looked at.

  21. Patrick reminded everyone that if they want a T Shirts then they should add their name to the list on the website forum awe need a minimum of 20 shirts per order.

  22. Patrick Kerry and Pam discussed club membership with the group who then agreed that annual membership remain at £15 and anyone joining for the second 6 months of the year should pay £8.

  23. Isabella asked that group to investigate technical training sessions, which Vikki will look at and publish details.

  24. Pam has suggested a couch to 5k trail run programme for new runners, this was agreed and may be combined with a group that Katie already runs to ease the run leader burden.

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