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15K by Popular Demand

There have been numerous requests for the 15km run which we trialled earlier in the year, therefore I have now incorporated the first 3 into our calendar for the next three months (July, Aug & Sept), These have been scheduled in for the second Sunday of the month. Should this prove successful a 15km run will feature once a month from then on. The description for the 15km on Run Together carries a provisio that it may be scaled back to a 10km should the circumstances require (ie Run Leader availability or extreme weather)

As the 15km is an ideal transition to Half Marathon, we have also taken the opportunity to scale up the 5km run to 8km on the same day for those working towards the 10km distance.

Please note these runs will replace the normal 10km & 5km Sunday runs on the second Sunday of the month only.

10km ----> 15Km 5km ---> 8km

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