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BTR Quick Update

1. There will be a BTR Committee Meeting at 1830hrs, 04/09/19 @ The Golden Retriever, please feel free to attend, your input is always valuable.

2. The latest batch of running shirts has now been ordered and should be with us in 6-8 weeks.

3. I have two unclaimed shirts that are up for grabs from a previous order.

1 x male SS Shirt (XL)

1 x female SS Shirt (Sm)

they can be purchased at a reduced price of £25 each, with the funds going into the club.

4. We have also purchased a new web address of as it is shorter to type, and should also improve our web traffic and thus membership also.

5. As of October 1st our Friday evening runs become night runs, and head torches will be required to run. Also please note the Lookout Carpark will close for entry at 18:00, although you can still exit the carpark after.

6. We are also looking for more run leaders please contact one of the other Run Leaders or email us if you think you might be interested.

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