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Minutes of 3rd Committee meeting



DATE: 04 September 2019




Vikki R-C (Chair)


Hugh Smith


Karen Thomas – (Secretary)


Patrick Kerry – (Communications & Media)




Katharine - Treasurer


Paul Ackling


Katy Ackling


Annie Thompson


Patrick Laloyaux


Dean R-C




Rochelle Bell


Berkshire Trail Runners Committee Meeting

Location: Golden Retriever Pub

Date: 04/09/19 Invitees: Hugh, Karen, Patrick K, Vikki, Dean, Katharine, Isabella, Paul, Katy, Patrick L, Robin, Rochelle, Annie

Time: 1830 hrs:

  1. Agenda

  2. Opening Statement (Vikki)

Vikki welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all for the continued support to the club.

  1. Actions from AGM (quick update by chair Vikki)

The following updates were provided:

  1. The new committee need to be identified on the website, Action PK to update.

  2. Constitution update require updating. Action HS to provide word copy to Isabella who will update on Vikki’s behalf.

  3. BTR run timetable going into Autumn/Winter (Sunday, Friday, Wednesday, Run talk Run?? etc)

The following activities were agreed:

  1. Friday evening run no change.

  2. Sunday runs no change, 2nd Sunday of each month to be the 8k and 15k run days.

  3. Beginners group to start on the 02nd October at 19.15hrs at the Look Out. Vikki and Katie will run this, support runner will be welcome.

  4. Run and Talk will continue through out September on Wednesday evenings at 1830hrs Rochelle and Hugh to run this.

A possible run on Saturday 28th September as the finale to Run and Talk and its support the to the EA initiative for Mental Health.

  1. Future support to mental health initiatives to be looked at by Rochelle, Hugh and Karen.

  2. To add variety and fun to our runs RLs are encouraged to think of ideas such as, hunt the flag, addition of exercise periods during runs, look at maximum use of route variety.

  3. Possible additional runs at different locations were discussed, details of these runs were to be advertised on Run Together and the website at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

Ideas looked at included, take over runs at local park runs, different locations. Action all RLs only to be done if well planned.

  1. Enhancement to current IT setup:

  2. To include online accessible storage. Action Isabella will look into use of Google drive.

  3. Email addresses to be added to the website for key appointments. Action Patrick K to update.

  4. Christmas get together

  5. Katie will be looking into booking the Bull in Bracknell. Action Katie to keep committee up to date.

  6. Other socials?

  7. Walk and lunch events.

  8. Run and lunch events, Action All committee members to look at and coordinate through Katie.

  9. Around the table (chance for run leaders and committee members to raise any points – 5 mins each)

  10. Patrick gave an update on membership status and current finances.

  11. Patrick briefed on t-shirts and the possibility of buffs and beanies being designed for the group. Action Patrick to provide details to committee.

  12. Robin asked that RL be made more identifiable on runs, the committee agreed that RL’s would get armbands to identify themselves. Action Patrick will identify, club to purchase.

  13. Robin raised a concern that runners who drop out of runs must be identified as safely returning to the Look out post run. Action, RLs to ensure that they have a clear plan to ensure that all runners are fully accounted for post run, this may include text messages or asking runners to wait at the Lookout until identified.

  14. Dean suggested that all RLs should have first aid training, committee agreed. Action Dean to look into available courses and dates for all RLs to attended en mass preferably.

  15. Vikki would like all committee members to look at ways of rewarding meritorious events ie, 50, 75 etc BTR runs. Action all.

  16. AOB

  17. Hugh reminded all committee members about transparency and the requirement to provide auditable, email, letters, etc trails for all club expenditures. Action all committee members.

  18. Closing Statement

  19. Vikki thank all those that attended.

  20. Date of next meeting (1st week February) Agreed details TBA. Action club secretary

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