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Covid-19 Secure Running

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We are required by law / EA guidelines to have a Covid-19 Action Plan. This is outlined below for your information only. No action is required.

Covid19 Action Plan / Risk Assessment

To mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus within the community or within the club, all run leaders and committee shall consider the following points before each running session and before scheduling new runs in the club’s calendar.

  • The club Secretary shall review the Run Together / England Athletics advice on a weekly basis or in accordance with any alerts.

  • Group sizes shall be in accordance with government / England athletics advice.

  • The club shall assess all risks on an ongoing basis, taking into account the location of the run and any hazards that may be encountered within the running route (touching gates etc)

  • If a club member tests positive for Covid-19, those that have run with this member in the last week (7 days) should abstain from any further runs with the group until they either, test negative or a period of two weeks has elapsed.

  • Runs will be limited to 12 Runners which must include 1 Run Leader.

  • The Run Leader must assess that everyone is 100% free of symptoms and that the planned activity / route is of low risk.

  • The run leader must ensure that everyone is booked in for the run (to allow easy contact tracing).

  • It is recommended that runners have the NHS Covid-19 app installed on their phones.

  • 2m social distancing should be observed at all times, before during and after the run.

  • There should be no congregating after the run as this may breach the government's guidelines on maximum numbers allowed to congregate according to the current alert level.

  • Runners who fall ill within 2 weeks of a group run should notify the club secretary immediately.

  • If a runner has fallen ill with Covid-19 symptoms within 2 weeks of a run, then contact must be made with all other runners in that group, ensuring confidentiality is maintained.

  • Run leaders may wish to carry PPE should a runner fall during a run requiring first aid.

  • No runners under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate in any club runs whilst the governments Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

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