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Running in larger groups

We are delighted to say that the government and English Athletics have now given us the go ahead to run in unlimited numbers as long as we observe COVID secure procedures.

Although we are theoretically able to take unlimited numbers, we believe that 12 runners is the maximum we are happy to take so that we can ensure adequate distancing especially on smaller trails. We have therefore set this as a maximum capacity on the Run Together, however this may be adjusted down if necessary if we feel that social distancing is not easily maintained.

The following rules should be applied to every run:

1. You MUST be registered to run (which will allow contact tracing if any runner were to fall ill.)

2. You must be 100% symptom free.

3. You must stay 2m from all other runners at all times.

4. Respect social distancing for others, including walkers and cyclists

5. Wash your hands before arriving for the run

6. Expect Run Leaders to recap these rules and advise of any risks as part of our risk assessment.

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