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Running in unusal times...

I hope everyone is well and staying safe, as you know back in march, we had to suspend our running program for your safety and upon request from England Athletics. Hopefully you have all found the time and inspiration to continue your running and maintain your fitness.

Although we are far from free of this awful pandemic, the precautions taken over the last few months have had some effect in reducing the risk of infection. Just as the government have eased their restrictions a little, England Athletics have also made concessions in that a maximum of 6 runners may now run together as long as they stay socially distanced from each other (2m)

With this in mind we are now in the process of considering a return to running in July, how this is to be done in groups of 6 or less is something we have yet to investigate fully, but it can only be one run leader and up to five runners per group. We may also need to consider an alternate meeting place if parking restrictions are an issue. As soon as we have formulated our new Covid-19 safe running plan fully we will advise further.

The full guidance on what we are allowed to do can be found below, along with safety guidance for runners and run leaders.

Obviously, we all need to consider…

1. Appropriate distancing 2m+ (as hot, sweaty and fast breathing runners we may pose more of a risk)

2. Touching gates fencing etc.

3. Toilets - which may not be available.

4. Lack of post run refreshments.

Membership Fees

We have had some thoughts on membership fees, whilst are fees are very low it still seems unfair that you have not received a full year of club runs for your money. Therefore, we have taken the decision to halve club fees for all current members in the coming year.

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