Running Plastic out of Berkshire

Running Plastic out of Berkshire is a volunteer led initiative set up in late 2019 to do just that – ensure runners and those organising running events take a pledge to run responsibly and preserve our environment for future generations.  

As runners ourselves, we appreciate how tough the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has been for running clubs with most events being cancelled or postponed. Sadly, the environmental crisis will outlast this pandemic and we would like to encourage everybody to look beyond the current limitations and incorporate whichever initiatives we can into our plans for the future.

So whether it's lift sharing, remembering to bring that reusable cup for your post run coffee, making a pledge to (safely) collect and correctly dispose of a piece of litter for every run you do or getting involved in local Plogging events, let's all pledge to do our bit to preserve our beautiful trails and run responsibly.


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